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OptiMate TM-272 Lithium Charger 12/16V

AED 682.50 inc. VAT

OptiMate Lithium LFP Select is perfect for high performance 12.8V (4s) and 16V (5s) LiFePO4 / LFP batteries that demand fully automatic, fast and accurate temperature controlled charging.


Perfect for 12.8V (4s) and 16V (5s) LiFePO4 / LFP batteries sized from 2.5 to 200 Ah. Power saving stand-by mode. Full electronic protection against errors. Automatic multi-step programme.


SafeT: Automatic charge rate adjustment to ambient temperature sensed at the charger. Reduced charging below freezing, no charging if temperature is below -20 deg C / -4 Deg F.

ampmatic: Microprocessor adjusts current to ideal LiFePO4 charge curve to match battery size / condition, for fastest and most complete charge.

OPTIMIZES: Pulsing cell balancing mode improves battery performance and life.

TESTS: Voltage retention test at connection and after completion of charge cycle, followed by interactive float maintenance charge to prevent discharge by vehicle or connected electronics.

BATTERY SAVE MODE: starts from 0.5V with continuous monitoring of charge acceptance or bad / shorted cell condition. Unnecessary (and unsafe) charging of a bad battery is prevented.




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