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Antigravity RS-30 Restart Car Battery 1200CA, 30AH AG-RS-30

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The NEW Antigravity RS-30 Car Battery is a 30Ah Intelligent Lithium-Ion Starter Battery with a built-in Battery Management System and “RE-START Technology.” Not only that, but the lithium cells in the RS-30 are rated at 2000 cycles, which is nearly TWICE that of Lead/Acid!
• 1200 CCA means It’ll start a high horsepower Big Block V8 with ease. Weighing in at over a little over 12 Pounds means you’ll save 70% weight savings over a standard lead/acid. Measures 9-1/2” x 6-1/4” x 8”
• Re-Start Technology keeps you from damaging the cells or having to deal with jumper cables. Built in the USA with an Industry leading 3-Year Warranty
• Battery Management System (BMS) The BMS will balance the lithium cells for the safest, longest service-life possible. Additionally, this system has an automatic Low-Voltage Cut-Off that limits over-discharge that protects the cells from being damaged.
• The RS-30 will go into a “sleep” mode with enough energy to allow you to re-start your vehicle if you discharge the battery. This means that if you accidentally leave your lights on or play your stereo until the battery shuts off, you can still start your vehicle and drive away. This battery is not intended for deep discharge use such as powering stereos, or applications where very high Amp Hour capacities are required. It is intended to be used as a Starter Battery.




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