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Antigravity XP-15 Micro-Start

AED 1,050.00 inc. VAT

The NEW Micro-Start XP-15 is our “do-it-all” Device. It’s a compact Jump-Starter, Tire Inflator/Air Pump, and Electronics Charger all in one unit. It even has a Voltmeter function. We consider it the perfect roadside assistant to carry in your vehicle, or to keep in your garage to Jump-Start, Inflate Tires, or to fast charge or power your USB Phones, Tablets, or other USB devices with its PD 60w charging ability!

Introductory pricing.


Jump-Start most any Vehicle: Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, much more

Start Trucks up to 6.7L Diesel Engines and gas engines up to 10 Liters!

Charge & Power USB-A and USB-C devices (PD 60w Charging!)

1000A starting current / 2000A peak

15,000 mAh capacity (55.5 Wh)

Type-C PD 60w Ultra Fast Charging

Super Fast Recharging! Only 1 Hour

10.125 x 6.25 x 2.25 inches (257*159*57 mm)

Bright LED Flashlight built-in

Accessories Carry Bag and all Accessories included


Lithium Jump-Starter, Tire Inflator, Portable Power Supply

The ALL NEW MICRO-START XP-15 is your Jump Starter, Personal Power Supply, Tire Inflator and Voltmeter, all in one ultra compact, portable device. It can jump-start Diesels up to 6.7L as well as gas engines, and inflate passenger car and Small Truck tires and pump up other small volume objects. Additionally it can power or charge USB devices with its USB-A Quick-Charge port and a USB-C PD 60W port for ultra fast charging and recharging. Take Portable Power and the ability to Jump Start your vehicles and maintain tire pressure wherever you go. Take us on your next adventure!



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