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DB Skin Lightweight Spray-on Sound Insulation 1 Gallon 040101

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Universal db Skin™ Lightweight Spray-on Sound Insulation by Heatshield®. Square: 30 Sq. Ft. 1 Gallon. db Skin™ is a water-based, air-curing, sprayable vibration damping compound that bonds well to sheet metal, wood, plastic and fiberglass surfaces. Its proprietary blend of silica-mica and ceramic suspended in advanced chemical binder greatly reduces structural resonance and vibration. db Skin™ effectively dampens vibration in a variety of substrates (panels) over a wide frequency range (10 to 40 KHz), and allows you to cover large surface areas very quickly when using a spray gun, brush or roller. When this spray-on sound insulation product is wet, it is purple, and as it cures it will change to db Skin™ can also be used on smaller areas, such as outer door skins and above the headliner. This spray-on sound insulation material can also be used to improve the performance of speaker enclosures of all types, and on the inside of outer body panels. In wood enclosures, db Skin™ will soak into the wood and seal up pores, seams and gaps between the panels, giving an additional 3 decibels of sound damping. It will acoustically dampen fiberglass and plastic enclosures extremely well.




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