Xtreme Performance Sprung Ceramic Clutch Kit Nissan 240 – KNI23001-1B

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AED 2,100.00 inc. VAT

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Clutch kit from australian Xtreme Performance Clutch

The Stage 2 clutch uses an upgraded pressure plate combined with a ceramic friction disc in sprung configurations. The stage two clutch range is designed for road and track going vehiclesthat require a higher torque capacity and temperature tolerance, and faster engagement. Clutch engagement is more aggressive than stage 1, so it is not recommended for daily driven vehicles. čThese kits feature a high quality cover with increased clamping force compared with standard, between 20-40% depending on the demands of the individual vehicle. They use a ceramic “paddle” friction disc which can result in more noise and harsher engagement.

Clutch Disc Diameter: 225mm

Clutch Disc Spline Count: 24

Clutch Disc Spline Diameter: 25,5

Clamping Force: 750Kg (50% inc.)

Flywheel step: FLAT



NISSAN 2400-240C-240K-240Z 240K (C110) 2.4L (SOME MODELS) (1/1973-3/1978)

NISSAN 260C-260Z 260Z (GRLS30) 2.6L (2.6L (L26))(1/1974-12/1978)

NISSAN 280C-280ZX 280C 2.8L (2.8L Petrol)(1/1973-3/1979)

NISSAN 280C-280ZX 280ZX (HS/HGS/KHG130) 2.8L (L28) (3/1979-5/1984)

NISSAN SKYLINE R30 2.0L 6cyl L20DET TURBO (2.0L 6-cyl L20DET Turbo Petrol)(5-Speed RWD)(1/1986-12/1990)

NISSAN SKYLINE R30 2.4L 6cyl (2.4L 6-cyl Petrol)(5-Speed RWD)(3/1978-6/1986)

NISSAN SKYLINE R31 2.0L 6cyl RB20ET (2.0L 6-cyl RB20ET Petrol)(5-Speed RWD)(1/1986-12/1990)

NISSAN 720 1.8/2.2L 4cyl DIESEL/PETROL 4 & 5-speed 2/4WD (1.8/2.2L 4-cyl Diesel/Petrol)(4 & 5-Speed 2/4WD)(1/1980-12/1985)

NISSAN E Series 1.6/2.0L (1/1976-12/1980)

NISSAN URVAN Diesel E23 2.0L 4cyl (2.0L 4-cyl Diesel)(5-Speed RWD)(1/1980-12/1982)

NISSAN URVAN Petrol E20 1.6L 4cyl (1.6L 4-cyl Petrol)(5-Speed RWD)(1/1976-12/1980)

NISSAN URVAN Petrol E20 2.0L 4cyl (2.0L 4-cyl Petrol)(5-Speed RWD)(1/1976-12/1980)

NISSAN URVAN Petrol E23 2.0L 4cyl (2.0L 4-cyl Petrol)(5-Speed RWD)(1/1980-12/1986)

NISSAN COMMERCIAL CABALL C340/HC340 2.0L 4cyl PETROL 5-SPEED (2.0L, 4-cyl, Petrol)(5-SPEED GEARBOX, RWD)(9/1976-12/1981)

NISSAN COMMERCIAL CABSTAR EF22 2.5L SD25 DIESEL (2.5L, Diesel, SD25)(5/1982-2/1985)

NISSAN COMMERCIAL CABSTAR KUH40 2.2L PETROL (2.2L, Petrol)(1/1982-12/1987)

NISSAN COMMERCIAL CABSTAR PF22 2.0L PETROL H40 (2.0L, Petrol, H40)(5/1982-9/1984)

NISSAN COMMERCIAL CABSTAR UGH40 2.2L PETROL (2.2L, Petrol)(1/1982-12/1984)


NISSAN COMMERCIAL HOMER PF20 2.0L 4cyl PETROL OHV 69KW 4-SPEED (2.0L, 4-cyl, Petrol, OHV 69KW)(4-SPEED GEARBOX, RWD)(4/1976-12/1981)

NISSAN CEFIRO A31 2.0L 4cyl RB20E/DE (2.0L 4-cyl RB20E/DE Petrol)(5-Speed RWD)(1/1988-12/1994)

NISSAN LAUREL C33 2.0L 4cyl RB20E (2.0L 4-cyl RB20E)(5-Speed RWD)(1/1989-12/1993)

NISSAN SKYLINE SR31 2.8L RD28 DIESEL (5-Speed RWD)(8/1985-4/1989)

NISSAN SKYLINE R33 2.0L 6cyl RB20E (2.0L 6-cyl RB20E Petrol)(5-Speed RWD)(1/1993-12/1998)

NISSAN SKYLINE R32 2.0L 6cyl RB20E/RB20DE (2.0L 6-cyl RB20E/RB20DE Petrol)(5-Speed RWD)(1/1989-12/1993)




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